Mr. Noah Coley

Mr. Coley
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  • Welcome to my page!

    I am Noah Coley and I have been teaching Business at Northview High School since 2016.

    I do not have a traditional path to teaching as I actually worked in the Community Mental Health field for 7 years prior to pursuing teaching.  However the skills I learned from the mental health field like about caring for the success of others, being patient with those who it is hard to be patient with, and learning to adapt my approach to the needs of those entrusted to my care have all served me well in my teaching career.

    A little about me:

    • Born and raised in Clay County.
    • Graduated from Clay City High School Class of 2005
    • Graduated with a Bachelors of Science of Addictions Counseling degree from Indiana Wesleyan in 2013.
    • Graduated with a Masters of Leadership Development in Nonprofit Business from Saint Mary's-of-the-Woods in 2015.
    • Worked in Community Mental Health from 2009-2016.
    • Then decided I want to be a teacher and here we are!
    • One of my favorite parts of teaching is I tell a joke to start every class.  

     I continue to choose to live in Clay County because I love it here.  My wife Elizabeth and I are raising our 5 children Henry, Elliott, Benjamin, Amelia, and Arthur here because we want them to have the experience of knowing what a loving community that is rich with opportunity looks like.

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