Mrs. Jill Conner

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  • My name is Jill Conner.  I've been teaching at Northview since 1999.  I have a degree in History from the University of Notre Dame and a certification in Secondary Instruction from Indiana University -- Bloomington.  The last several years I have served as the Economics teacher for the Social Studies Department, but every once in a while they let me teach something else. :)  I studied Economics at both Notre Dame and IU.


    In addition to my teaching duties, I also serve as a co-sponsor of the Senior Class and of National Honor Society.  I also coach the English Academic Superbowl Team. 


    I grew up in Northern Indiana, but moved to Terre Haute to do my student teaching.  I live there with my husband and four children.  I love blueberries and manatees.  I strongly dislike olives and movie theater prices.  Perhaps the most important thing you need to know is that I love my job.  I love working with students and showing them how what we learn in the classroom will affect them during their lives.  I have fun every day and hope that my students do, too, while we all learn.