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  • Clay County remains in the RED category on the ISDH’s COVID-19 Dashboard’s Color Code System.  Clay County is witnessing an increase in the number of positive COVID-19 cases throughout the county and also seeing an increase of hospitalizations related to the virus.  With joint discussions between Clay County Health Officials and Clay Community Schools (CCS) Officials, CCS will extend school closures through December 4, 2020.  Schools are scheduled to reopen on Monday, December 7, and schools will continue utilizing an eLearning platform until the buildings reopen.  As a community, it is important to limit social gatherings, wear masks, and maintain social distancing, whenever possible, to help reduce community spread of the virus. 

  •   Forest Park Pledge


    I am a part of the Forest Park family.

    I pledge to be a Good Role Model by setting a positive example for others.

    I will show Respect to myself, others, and property.

    I will be Organized, so that I am prepared to do my best each day.

    I am Willing to Learn so that I can G. R. O. W., GROW.



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