• Canvas is a comprehensive learning management system (LMS) that we will use to house all instructional content for our students here at Clay Community Schools in kindergarten through grade 12.  Your student(s) will be using Canvas daily either independently or with teachers through whole group instruction.  Our teachers can use Canvas to post information, instructional content, instructional videos, discussions, assignments, tests, and quizzes.  Parents can set up a parent observer account that will allow them to see what their student(s) see when logging in.  Instructions for creating this account, along with other helpful information, can be found below.  

Digital Learning Support for Students and Families

  • Clay Community Schools provides a lot of digital tools for our students and families.  At the heart of learning is Canvas. It offers a lot of options for our students, families, and teachers.  Would you like to know more about the learning management system your students are using in their courses? Take some time to visit this orientation tour, hosted by Canvas, which is designed to help parents and students feel more confident navigating through courses, submitting assignments, checking feedback, and asking for help.  There is also information about Chromebooks and PowerSchool housed in the one-stop shop!

    🎯Follow this link to access our Digital Learning Support. 🎯

1. Canvas Tips & Troubleshooting

2. Getting the Canvas Student App

3. An Introduction to Canvas

4. Canvas Module Template

5. Canvas - Did You Know?