Our cap and gowns will be passed out to students next Thursday,  May 7th from 1:00 - 3:00 at Northview High School at the front entrance.  
    You must  have your balance paid in full at least 72 hours before pickup. You can pay on line at Herff Jones or call Herff Jones @ 317-839-1600. If you have not ordered you  still have time to order as well. 
    When arriving at school you will need to get in the car line and have your first and last name on paper in the front window. When you get to the pickup point you will need to pop open your trunk or open your back door while remaining in your car. NO ONE will be allowed out of their car. Someone will then place your items in your car and you drive off. We will have officers on site as well to ensure safety for everyone involved. 
    If you have questions, please email your counselor or Mrs. Zimmerman.