Mr. Bill Koehler

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  • I was part of the class of 1971 here in Brazil and at the time couldn't wait to move on down the road. After graduating from Purdue, BS, and ISU, MS, I started teaching science in 1978. One of the highlights of my career was the 15 years I spent teaching overseas in Budapest, Hungary. I got to see a lot of Europe and it helped me to develop a much better view of the world and the USA to be truthful.  I think if everyone could spend several months living (not visiting) in another country they would have a greatly improved view of the United States.

    As I started nearing the end of my teaching days I decided I would like to end up where my love for teaching began. Back here in Clay county, Indiana. So now I am wrapping things up teaching the grandkids of my old classmates. And enjoying it, most days.