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  • What does the Department of Agriculture (USDA) have to do with ed tech?

    The Department is handing out $32.4 million in grants for rural communities, called Distance Learning and Telemedicine grants. About $23.5 million is earmarked for distance education, and will help provide students with educational tools to better equip them for the global digital economy.

    In addition, 34 broadband community grants were awarded in 20 states, totaling $11.3 million. The selected communities do not have access to broadband connectivity for the essential services of police and fire protection, hospitals, libraries and schools. "Information technology is critical to rural Americans. It significantly improves the quality of their health care and their ability to receive access to educational programs that prepare them for a competitive future," says Agriculture Under Secretary for Rural Development Thomas C. Dorr.

    For a list of the School Districts that are receiving 2003 Distance Learning Grants and Broadband Community Grants, visit http://www.qeddata.com/grants1003.htm

    For ways to reach these schools and other rural districts that are receiving federal dollars, call your QED representative at 800.525.5811.

    You can learn more about the new federal grants in the following press release: http://www.usda.gov/news/releases/2003/09/0333.htm