• Transportation

    The Clay Community Schools Transportation Department currently consists of a fleet of 73 buses. They cover 55 routes each day which consists of 3300 miles. Our buses are inspected by the Indiana State Police annually.

Michael Howard, Director of Extended Services
Cathy Rodgers, Supervisor of Transportation
Lisa Stevenson, Transportation Assistant/Dispatcher
Roger Torbert, Head Mechanic
Mark McIntyre, Mechanic
Howard Hughes, Mechanic
Brian Jorgensen, Mechanic

  • Our bus drivers must attend a three day school and have a valid CDL license with a passenger endorsement. Each bus driver participates in 12 Hours of Driver Training with four hours riding a bus, four hours driving an empty bus and four hours driving a fully loaded bus. The drivers must also pass a skills test before being allowed to drive a route.

  • Below are a list of frequently asked questions and concerns with phone numbers to call:

    • Are there delays? (812-442-7121)
    • Check for a scrolling message on the Clay Community Schools website
    • Garage Concerns - Garry Miller, Head Mechanic (812-448-3905)
    • Contact the Dispatch Office (812-442-7121) for:
      • My child is not going today
      • Road concerns
      • Did my child get on the bus at school?
      • My child didn’t get off the bus
      • My bus is late
    • All Routing Questions (Pre-school, Special Needs and Others)
      • Which bus do my children ride?
      • I just moved, whose bus will my children ride now?
      • Contact the Transportation Office at 812-442-7121
    • Bus Problems: Call the Transportation Department or child's school