• Clay Community Schools

    Background Check Process


    Who Needs A Background Check?

    • New Hires
    • Substitutes
    • Athletic Coaches
    • Band/Choir Volunteers
    • Classroom/School Volunteers/Chaperones
      • Parents volunteering as chaperones for field trips or class parties must complete a background check if they will supervise students other than their own child.
      • Parents attending field trips or class parties without taking on a supervisory role for students other than their own child do not require a background check.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    Fees for Expanded Criminal History Check:

    • New Hire Teachers/Administrators - $33.90
      • This includes the extensive criminal background check and a license verification (revokes/suspensions).
    • Non-Teaching Positions - $32.90
      • (Classified Staff/Substitute Teachers/Non-Teaching Substitutes/Coaches)
    • Classroom Volunteers/Chaperones - $15.95

    **The fee can only be paid by using a Visa or Mastercard. There may be additional fees incurred depending on your results (if you have lived in different states other than Indiana). Please note, that before you are charged with any additional fees, Safe Hiring Solutions will contact you, via email, to ask if you want to proceed.

    There is no fee for the Child Protection Index Check.

    How To Start The Process

    • Complete the Background Check Request form
    • Once the form is received, you will get a specific link to order the Expanded Criminal History Check through Safe Hiring Solutions.
    • You will also receive two emails from Kidtraks for the Child Protection Index Check. You will be required to input past names (alias) and your home addresses (only city/state) dating back to either January 1, 1988 or your date of birth, whichever is most recent.
    • Once results from both checks are received, you will receive a completion email. Volunteers will receive a visitor badge via email to use when checking in at a building.

    School Board Approval

    • All classroom volunteers, field trip chaperones, and band/choir volunteers must be approved by the school board before starting their duties.
    • New employees and coaches will be recommended to the school board for approval by the building principal upon completion of their background check.
    • Volunteers and coaches do not need to be present at the meeting. New employees are encouraged to attend.
    • Background checks are good for five (5) years from the order date. About one month before your check expires, you will receive an email reminder with a link to reapply for an updated background check.

    Visitor/Volunteer Protocol

    • When entering a CCS building, have your driver’s license or Safe Visitor badge ready to scan.
    • If it is your first time in a building, you will get your picture taken to be saved for future visits.
    • A one-time-use identification sticker will be printed for you to wear while on campus.
    • Before leaving the building, return your identification sticker to a staff member in the office so that you can be checked out.


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