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    0402.68 World Languages - Grades Six-Eight

    Middle Level, World Languages, based on Indiana’s Academic Standards for World Languages,follows one of two sequences of standards: those for a program beginning at the middle level, or those for a middle level program that is a continuation of an elementary program and focuses on friends and all things social, taking into account adolescents’ interest in friendship and social activities. Students will continue to improve both productive and receptive language skills, and their educational background and cognitive development allow them to expand their understanding of structural differences between languages as well as gain a more in-depth cultural awareness. Students beginning studies at this grade level should be directed to vocabulary 39 Indiana Department of Education: Elementary and Middle School Course Titles and Descriptions: 2023-2024 and introductory language skills of the previous grade level to allow for personalization of and a strong foundation in the language. Middle Level World Languages is sequential and builds to communicative proficiency in a world language. Along with the current academic standards for this subject, the Science/Technical Studies Content Area Literacy Standards are incorporated with the expectation of a continuum of reading and writing skills development.


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