Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

  • School Family & Community Members:

     At a special session board meeting held last evening, the CCS Board of Trustees approved the CCS 2020-21 School Year Roadmap.  The Roadmap was a massive undertaking and provides re-entry plans for our students and employees for the upcoming school year.  (The Roadmap can be found the on the CCS Website, and a single page – at-a-glance flyer – will be mailed to all CCS parents later in July.)  With the fluidity of the present pandemic, the CCS Roadmap will be a working document that will undoubtedly need to be revised as situations change.  The Clay County Health Department’s approval of the plan was secured, and the department’s guidance and direction throughout the school year will be vital. 

     The Roadmap’s plan is driven by the community risk level, which will be determined by the local health department and local health professionals.  Three risk levels have been established – Low/No Spread (Green); Minimal/Moderate Spread (Yellow); and Substantial Spread (Red).  Various strategies will be implemented, depending on the risk level.  Traditional in-person instruction will be held in most situations if this risk level is green or yellow, with modifications implemented as necessary; enhanced eLearning will be held in most situations if the risk level is red.  A CCS Virtual Academy option will also be available. 

     Topics discussed in the Roadmap include:

    • Risk Level
    • Preventive Measures
    • Teaching & Learning
    • Transitioning
    • Transportation
    • Meals
    • Entering School Buildings
    • Large Gatherings
    • Vulnerable Populations
    • Athletics & Band
    • When Someone Becomes Sick
    • School Operations
    • School Finances
    • Communication

     The safety and wellbeing of our school family members continue to be the top priority of CCS, and we will be working closely with our local health department and local health professionals throughout the school year.  Your patience, understanding, and support are greatly appreciated!


     Jeffery D. Fritz

    CCS Superintendent