• Welcome to Clay City Elementary School. At CCE we strive for the highest level of academic achievement, as well as to establish character values within our students. The students and staff work hard every day, taking pride in being an “Eel”. The faculty and staff desire to help students reach their maximum potential both inside and outside of the classroom. The students have established a high standard of achievement as CCE has been named an “A” school by the Indiana Department of Education for the past 4 school years. However, we desire to continue to improve daily to become an even better school.


    We have implemented the Positive Behavior Instructional Support program or PBIS to encourage students to remember what it means to be CCE EELS.


                      Character                    Everyone Safe

                      Counts                         Everyone Organized

                      Everyday                      Let’s Be Accountable

                                                            Show Respect


    Thank you to all of the parents who support your child’s learning, as well as to the community for all of your support. Clay City Elementary is fortunate to be located in a community that supports our schools and students. Your involvement impacts all of us and sets a bright future for our children.


    Michael Owens