• Introduction

    Staunton Elementary is an elementary school in a semi-rural area. There are 310 students in kindergarten through fifth grade. Staunton Elementary was designated a Four Star School by the Indiana Department of Education in 2010 and 2011. We contine to strive to Make a Difference for each and every child each year.


    We, the Staunton Elementary Staff, in partnership with families and community  are committed to meet the needs of all children by:

    1. utilizing a holistic approach to education
    2. developing a climate that promotes trust and personal growth
    3. develolping principles of a responsible, respectful, safe, and learning environment  thru Positive Behavior initiatives

    4. maximizing academic performance to promote life-long learning
    5. developing the awareness and acceptance of other cultures
    6. developing collaborative and open communication among all listed partners.

                                                     The staff of Staunton Elementary accepts the responsibility for implementing this mission.


    Mascot: Bee