• 2017-2018 Parent Information


    East Side Elementary

    2017-2018 Parent Information

    Welcome to a brand new school year!  So many new possibilities.  New books to read, new stories to write and new friends to make.  The East Side Elementary staff of educators are excited to have an opportunity to help your child grow socially and academically throughout the year.  If you are new to East Side, welcome to the family.  If you have questions or need assistance throughout the school year, please do not hesitate to call your child’s teacher or the school office.  Please read the information contained in this beginning of the school newsletter to ensure you know all the important ways you can help your child be  successful at East Side.  Let’s have a SOARing good year!

    The School Day


    Doors Open at 7:30 a.m.

    Breakfast Begins at 7:30 a.m.

    (If students arrive before 7:50 a.m. they will be served a hot breakfast.  If they arrive after 7:50 a.m. they will be given a breakfast bar, yogurt, fruit, etc. to be eaten in the classroom)

    Breakfast Prices:


    Reduced Price Breakfast:

    30 cents

    Lunch Prices: 


    Reduced Price Lunch:

    40 cents

    Extra Milk: 

    30 cents

    PBIS & SOARing Behavior 

    East Side Elementary is a Positive School Behavior environment.  Behavioral expectations are clearly explained to students throughout the year and posted around our building for reminders.  Teachers and staff strive to help students make positive choices.  Friday incentives occur each week to reward students who receive no behavioral write-ups for the week. Additionally, all students without write-ups for the month are in the Principal’s Super Hero Club for the month.  Other celebrations acknowledge honor roll,  high frequency words learned, math goals and good effort on standardized testing.


    Parents are strongly encouraged to make sure that students arrive between 7:30-7:55.  If a student is late, they must be signed into the office by an adult. 

    Clay Community Schools

    Attendance Policy:

    A student enrolled in Clay Community Schools Is expected to attend school each day.  School attendance is compulsory under Indiana law  IC 20-33-2.   Clay Community schools intends to uphold vigorously the Indiana statutes relating to school attendance. After any illness, parents or guardians are required to send a brief note or phone the school stating the reason for the absence.  A phone call on the day of the absence is preferable.  If a student’s absence will exceed two days, parents should contact the school office and request assignments.  If the absence exceeds 3 days, a physicians’ statement will be required.  Please see the student handbook for further attendance information.

    School Phone:


    Information regarding absences may be emailed to the following email:



    Beginning at 8:00 a.m. each morning, East Side students participate in our morning assembly.  Assembly is one of the most popular times of the day!!!  Students say pledges, celebrate birthdays, applaud academic success, learn about good character traits and learn about a variety of careers.  It is a great time, so don’t be late!  Prizes are drawn each morning for students who are present and on time!!!

    Agendas & Dress Code

    Each student will receive a student agenda.  This agenda, along with a red plastic folder, will serve as communication tools for parents and teachers.  Listed on the first pages of the agenda, you will find much important information.  Please read the information carefully, especially those sections which apply to dress code, attendance and behavior.  Additionally, East Side would clarify the dress code by requiring that students wear shirts that are at least 2 inches in width at the shoulder.  Spaghetti straps and tank tops are not permitted.  Please make sure modesty is considered when choosing shorts.  Finger tip length is suggested.  Also, hair colors such as bright red, blue, etc. are a distraction and not permitted.  Fake or real tattoos are also unacceptable.  T-Shirts with positive messages only are expected.  Parents are required to read and sign-off on the discipline code for Clay Community Schools. 

    Cell Phones 

    Cell phones are prohibited at school unless they are needed for after school communication.  If a student needs to bring their phone for an after school program, they are required to keep the phone in the off position in their backpack throughout the school day.  Never are phones permitted to be out of the backpack on East Side busses. Violations of cell phone usage will result in behavioral referrals. 

    Transportation Information

    You will be receiving and completing a transportation form to let us know how your child will be getting to and from school.  Please be aware that students need to bring a note each time there is a change in transporation.  If a student plans to go home with another student, both students need to bring a note to school.  Transportation changes must be made and communicated to the school office before 2:00 p.m. each day to ensure the information reaches teachers before the end of the school day.

    Safety is our number one priority at East Side.  Several procedures are in place to make sure that your child stays safe in the car line and bus lot.  It is of great importance that parents know the expectations and  follow them completely for the sake of all students.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation!

    Car Line:  The car line assembles along Davis Ave. Parents pull along the sidewalk in single file to pick up students.  A few students are loaded at a time and then the line is permitted to move on. At no time are students allowed to be on the sidewalk when cars are moving.   A stop-go sign at the beginning of the car line will let you know when you may safely proceed.  Davis Avenue is a one way street so no U-turns are permitted out of the car line and neither is a turn into the Brazil Nazarene Church parking lot allowed.  At no time are you able to pass cars in line in front of you.  A right turn onto HWY 40 is the only permissible turn after exiting the car line as we need to keep the line moving.  At no time are cars permitted in the bus lot in front of the school during drop off or pick-up.  Busses are loaded in the afternoon first and as soon as they have safely departed, the car line begins.  Walkers are released last after all busses and cars have left the area  There is a designated area along Davis Ave. where parents may wait for their students who are walkers.  A little patience will go a long way in assisting our staff and keeping every child safe! Thank you. 


    If you are planning to volunteer regularly in our school, or if you are planning to supervise students on field trips at some point in the year, you will need to complete an Expanded Criminal History Check online.  The website for the Clay Community School approved background check company is:


    In the package code box. enter CL27

    The cost for the background  check is $31.00 and it is active for 5 years. 

    Additional information can be obtained in our school office. 

    Background checks from other companies are not accepted by Clay Community Schools.

    Making Every Moment Count

    Parents are welcome to visit our East Side classrooms!  We do ask that you contact your child’s teacher in advance of your visit to make arrangements.  We want every minute of the school day to be productive and enriching for students, so it is important that disruptions be kept to a minimum.  Planning ahead will allow the teacher to welcome you into the classroom without interrupting instruction.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

     Class Parties

     There will be two official class parties during the school year including a Christmas and Valentine party.  A new wellness initiative was implemented in the 2014-2015 school year and you will be receiving specific information in your child’s beginning of the year packet on this topic.  At East Side we adhere to these policies by prohibiting sugary snacks for birthday celebrations.  If you plan to send in a birthday treat for your child’s special day, please clear this with the classroom teacher in advance.  Alternative celebration items are suggested on the wellness form. 

    Textbook rental fees

    Kindergarten  $86.27

    Grade 1:  $94.86

    Grade 2:  $93.51

    Grade 3:  $97.31

    Grade 4:  $90.61

    Grade 5:  $90.03