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Language Arts


Woods Runner by Gary Paulsen

We are reading this in class with assigned questions for each chapter to be completed in class.  Review of character development, plot, and comparative texts are three main skills to focus on in this novel.

Pearson Reading/Unit 3

Project Week:  Unsung Heroes

Learn more about a person who has had  positive impact on your life.  The person can be someone you know, a public figure, or a historical figure.  Research the person's childhood, education, career, family, personal life, and accomplishments.  Then give a speech about why your state should dedicate a day to this person.  Make sure to explain how the person influenced your life in a positive way.  Written speeches are due on Friday.


labeling sentences: simple, fragment, simple compound subject, simple compound verb, compound, and complex practice

regular and irregular verbs

noun jobs

NEW:  pattern 2 sentences with direct objects 


narrative writing - finish the narrative with meaningful dialogue and description

review of writing an ORGANIZED three point paragraph/persuasive - We completed four paragraphs and will revisit in February.