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Language Arts


My View Reading by Pearson - Unit 2 Week 5

Skills: argumentative texts (2 - paired texts), claim or opinion, text features, supporting evidence, using first person to strengthen an argument, base words and endings with and without spelling changes (tested)

Read: Let Wild Animals be Wild by David Bowles and Don't Release Animals Back to the Wild by Rene' Saldana Jr.

Week 5 Vocabulary (tested):  sanctuaries, diminished, thrive, unfettered, cooperate

Academic Vocabulary for Unit 2:  expert, focus, visible, relate, detect


active voice vs. passive voice


contractions, choosing a or an. classify sentences


Creative Expressions - Choose one:

*  Choose another time period to live...

*  You are going on a long trip...

*  Poem about a trip, another time period, or a topic of your choice