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  • NCMS Family,

    We here at North Clay are extremely excited to begin our 2021-22 school year! Throughout all of the uncertainty of the last year, one thing remains constant: our staff, students, and parents collaboratively make North Clay a great place to be.

    I encourage you to take advantage of everything we can offer you at North Clay. We have a wide-range of activities that suit many different interests. Being involved in these will go a long way in making your experience here that much more fulfilling. If you need more information on anything here, please ask!

    Our school year will be a great one and we are counting on all of you to help us get to where we want to be. We will continue our focus on treating others with respect, building positive relationships, and improving each day as students. With a great attitude and work ethic, combined with the resources that our staff will provide to you on a daily basis, the sky is the limit for how great you can be!

     We care, we count, we can…WE ARE NORTH CLAY!


     Mr. Szabo