Ms. Barnett

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  • My name is Lauren Barnett. I graduated from Anderson University with a duel major in Mathematics and Language Arts Education with a special focus on Middle School, grades 5 – 9. I have been teaching at North Clay Middle School since fall of 2013.

    I relish the opportunity to teach middle school students the beginning skills of Algebra 1. There are many connections between Algebra 1 skills and real life.  I enjoy seeing the students make those connections and apply the skills to something within their own life.  I desire to teach students mathematical concepts that can be applied in various ways throughout their lives.

    I have always loved listening to music when I am working around the house or doing schoolwork. I listen to a mix of music; however, there is always country music playing in my car. I grew up on the north side of Indianapolis, but I’ve always been a “small town” girl at heart. Outside of education, I enjoy photography, bowling, and spending time with my nieces and nephews.