Frau Ashley Schaefer

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  • Hi! I’m Ashley Schaefer. I was born in Heidelberg, but raised in Indiana by the best grandparents a kid could ever ask for. My grandpa even called me his German Princess, and that is just how I felt, like a princess. Because my family’s connection to Germany, even before me, German played a big role in my life. By middle school, I was already involved in the Terre Haute German events and celebrations.  German was the only language for me in High School and I chose to go to Ball State because of my participation in Staatskongress and their German Program. However, I was not a German Major. It took a Study Abroad in Regensburg and a serious sit down with a professor to convince me that the foreign language teacher life was the one for me. After Ball State, I moved to Berlin as an Au Pair and met my German souvenir, Sven, brought him home, and have made a perfect little family with him.  We have our son, Ben, and daughter, Lotte. I love teaching at Clay City High School with our amazing students and a supportive principal. In 2018, we had our first exchange with a school in Kempen.

    2018 Judith Eaton award

    2018 AATG Indiana Rising Star German Teacher of the Year