1. Crayola Markersboth thin and wide, all colors welcome

              Used to color in artwork boldly. Kids seem to go through them like water.

    1. Crayola Crayons – all colors welcome

              Great for basic coloring, or when kids finish a project early

    1. Crayola Colored Pencils – all colors welcome

               We use these for a lot of our projects. They are great for showing different values of color.

    1. Wooden Pencils

    The start to every great art project! Somehow, kids eat through pencils J.

    1. Erasers

    With young minds still learning to write, we make many mistakes in the art room. Erasers are a rare delicacy.

    1. Black Sharpies – both fine tip and ultra fine

    Used to outline our work to help it stand out.

    1. Glitter – any color

    There’s something about glitter that makes a Kinders’ eyes light up. I think they would use it on every project if I let them.

    1. Play-Doh – red, yellow, blue

    Used to show how primary colors mix. The stuff dries out faster than a hot desert. Other colors are welcome, too!

    1. Clipboards (old or new)

    We do a lot of command and follow with the Kinders. I’d love for them to sit as close to me as possible, so they don’t miss all the details. (This is a new idea!)

    1. Bottled Elmer’s Glue - washable

    I have come to realize that glue sticks just don’t cut it. Plus, it’s great for the kiddos to learn how to use a bottle of glue as early as possible.

    1. Scotch Tape

    Let’s face it, paper tears. Sometimes a little bit of scotch tape is all it needs to be new again.

    1. White tshirts

    Paint, paint, go away, come back again another day. Paint shirts are my way of keeping kids clothes as stain free as possible. Preferably a white one, so they can decorate it how they please.

    1. Fabric markers – any colors
    2. Puffy Paint – any colors
    3. Children’s books